Arik Air recalls dismissed pilots after stakeholder intervention –


Following the intervention of players in the aeronautical industry, including the National Association of Pilots and Airline Engineers, Arik Air has recalled the pilots it has dismissed.

The development was confirmed on Saturday by two top shots from the National Association of Airline Pilots and Engineers.

The pilots were declared sacked by the airline after going on strike last week on Tuesday.

Their grievance was centered on their well-being.

But on Saturday, NAAPE Chairman Arik Air Section Mudi Muhammad said the issue had been resolved amicably.

NAAPE National President Galadima Abednego also confirmed that the issue has been resolved.

Abdnego said the pilots have even resumed their duties.

Muhammad said: “When the layoff occurred, we immediately entered into negotiations with management with the help of critical stakeholders such as the current Managing Director of Aero Contractors, Captain Abdullahi Mahmood, who is a former member of Arik’s staff.

“We are a family in Arik and that’s how we approached the subject: as one family.

“Our association was able to meet the management and after fruitful negotiations, they agreed to recall the dismissed pilots and as I speak to you, they are in the sky.

“We are grateful to the stakeholders who made efforts to get the issue resolved. “


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