Bringing together maritime stakeholders in GHG reduction – IMO CARES

The preparatory phase of the IMO Coordinated Actions to Reduce Emissions from Shipping (IMO CARES) project was launched at the IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping Conference.

The founding project of the IMO Coordinated Actions to Reduce Emissions from Shipping (IMO CARES) project, which aims to bring together stakeholders from the North and South, was launched today (6 April) at the IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping.

IMO CARES should be a long-term program. It will support coordination to promote innovation, research and development collaboration, accelerate the adoption of green technologies and facilitate their deployment in developing regions.

The IMO CARES project helps achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“IMO CARES will provide an excellent platform to promote inclusive innovation. Innovation is key to meeting many of the challenges we face in reducing emissions from shipping. We look forward to in-depth consultations with interested partners from the North and the South. Both parties can significantly benefit from this initiative by linking R&D initiatives and demonstrating innovative technological solutions through such partnerships,” said Mr. Jose Matheickal, Head of Projects and Partnerships Department, IMO , during the launch ceremony.

The IMO CARES Foundation project is funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will undertake all preparatory activities to develop and design the long-term global program.

During this preparatory phase, regional and global consultation workshops will be organized to help design the key elements and basic framework of the global programme.

The preparatory project will engage key stakeholders to be part of the long-term IMO CARES programme. Potential stakeholders include governments, donors, maritime technology cooperation centers, decarbonization R&D centers, global industrial alliances and financial institutions.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is delighted to work alongside IMO to provide the necessary seed funding to design and support this initiative. We sincerely hope that many more donors and partners will come forward in the future. to support the implementation of this innovative and strategic global initiative alongside Saudi Arabia, after the completion of the design phase,” said Mr. Essam Al Ammari, Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization for Saudi Arabia.
Source: International Maritime Organization

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