Consultations on skills gaps held with stakeholders

Stakeholders from the public and private sectors, including human resource practitioners, discussed with the Minister of Employment, Parveen Bala, the skills gap in the Fijian labor market.

Bala stressed that the purpose of the consultation was to hear the views of key stakeholders on common issues related to the shortage of skilled labor in Fiji, and at the same time ensure a win-win outcome. win for employers and workers.

This consultation has resulted from the increase in the number of deployments of Fijian workers for overseas employment under the Pacific Australia Labor Mobility currently facilitated by the National Employment Center of the Department of Employment.

The department has received constructive feedback from key stakeholders, with a focus on skill shortages, skills mismatch, improved apprenticeship curriculum, strengthened courses of short-term technical and vocational education and training, the development of education system strategies and the examination of the sustainability of the economy.

Bala acknowledged the comments and actions raised by key stakeholders, adding that the Department of Employment is committed to working with key stakeholders to close the current skills gap for a better Fiji and a sustainable economy.

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