Critical Solutions, Inc. (CSLI) Continues “From the Boardroom” Shareholder Video Update Series


Holding Company Provides Updates on Financial Data, NFT Strategy and Cannabis Possessions

SHERIDAN, WY, November 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Critical‌ ‌Solutions, ‌ ‌Inc.‌ ‌ (OTC‌ ‌PINK: ‌ ‌CSLI) ‌ continues shareholder updates with “From the Board Room,” a unique web video series to provide updates and insights into the direction of the business.

Mr. Robert Munck, Vice President of Business Development, ‌ ‌ declares, ‌ ‌ ” We received positive feedback from our last video update where we provided an update on our assets and holdings. In this video, we provide more details on our upcoming financial consolidation of MKH Ventures and Critical Solutions, Inc., initiatives in cannabis distribution and delivery services, film and music production, and our framework for our NFT launches. We believe this second video helps to better understand and illustrate that our holding company is made up of a wide range of income sources in the high growth cannabis, entertainment and crypto industries.

In this video, the company announces the following:

  1. Negotiations underway for the purchase of a cannabis dispensary and recreational delivery license

  2. The company has secured two music soundtrack agreements.

  3. The company will enter the NFT market using its connections in the film, music and entertainment industries.

Mr. Munck adds: “We would like to thank our employees, partners and suppliers who have worked alongside our team to implement several parallel initiatives that benefit the entire company. For example, the team that works to bring to our Pink Current subsidiaries brings credibility and adds value to the balancer of the overall holding company while those who work on entertainment / music projects demonstrate that Critical Solutions, Inc. accumulates great value assets that are perfect. for the expanding NFT market.

Video updates will be featured on the home page of the company’s website and hosted on the company’s new YouTube channel at:

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About Critical Solutions, Inc.

Critical Solutions, Inc. is a diversified holding company and parent company of Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. (OTC Pink: RWGI) and Universal Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: UVSS). Critical Solutions, Inc. acquires and invests in emerging and profitable companies. To subscribe to company updates, please visit the company website at our new address of

Also note that the company still uses the Twitter address Our team is working to update the Twitter address to reflect changes in our business.

Contact details:

Inquiries from CSLI shareholders / investors can be directed to:

Critical Solutions, Inc.
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