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  • 1. Please read the explanatory notes carefully before completing the notification form.

  • 2. This form is for a shareholder(s)/substantial unitholder(s) to give notice under Section 135, 136, 137, 137J (as applicable to Sections 135, 136 and 137) or 137U (as applicable to Sections 135, 136 and 137) of the Securities and Futures Act (the “SFA”).

  • 3. This Electronic Form 3 and a separate Form C, containing the information and contact details of the Substantial Shareholder(s)/Unitholder(s), must be completed by the Substantial Shareholder(s). s)/Unitholder(s) or a person duly authorized by the Substantial Shareholder(s)/Unitholder(s) to do so. The person so authorized must keep records of the information provided to him by the Substantial Shareholder(s)/Unitholder(s).

  • 4. This Form and Form C must be completed electronically and sent to the Recorded Issuer by electronic means such as an email attachment. The Listed Issuer shall attach both forms to the prescribed SGXNet Announcement Template for dissemination pursuant to Section 137G(1), 137R(1) or 137ZC(1) of the SFA, as applicable. Although Form C is attached to the Model Announcement, it will not be released to the public and is only available to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (the “Authority”).

  • 5. When a transaction gives rise to similar notification obligations for more than one Substantial

    Shareholder/Unitholder, all such Substantial Shareholders/Unitholders may give notice using the same notification form.

  • 6. A single form may be used by a Shareholder/Substantial Unitholder for more than one notifiable transaction which occurs within the same notification period (i.e. within two business days of taking knowledge of the first transaction). There should be no netting of two or more reportable transactions, even if they occur on the same day.

  • 7. All applicable parts of the notification form must be completed. If there is not enough space for your answers, please include an attachment(s) by clicking on the paper clip icon in the lower left corner or in point 11 of Part II or point 10 of part III. The total file size for all attachments should not exceed 1 MB.

  • 8. With the exception of point 5 of part II and point 1 of part IV, please select only one option from the relevant checkboxes.

  • 9. Please note that submitting any false or misleading information is an offense under Part VII of the SFA.

  • 10. In this form, the term “Registered Issuer” refers to –

    • (a) a company incorporated in Singapore all or part of whose shares are listed on an official list on a stock exchange;

    • (b) a company (which is not a company incorporated in Singapore, or a collective investment scheme incorporated as a company) all or part of whose shares are listed on the official list of a stock exchange, such quotation being a first referencing;

  • (c) a registered business trust (as defined in the Business Trusts Act (Cap. 31A)) any or all of whose units are listed on an official stock exchange listing;

  • (d) a recognized commercial trust some or all of whose units are listed on an official stock exchange listing, such listing being a primary listing; or

(e) a collective investment scheme which is a trust, which invests principally in immovable property and property-related assets specified by the Authority in the Collective Investment Schemes Code, and all or part of the units whose units are listed on the official list of a stock exchange, such listing being a primary listing (“Real Estate Investment Trust”).

11. For further instructions and advice on how to complete this notification form, please refer to section 7 of the User’s guide on electronic notification forms, accessible on the website of the Authority at the addresshttp://www.mas.gov.sg(under “Regulations and Financial Stability”, “Regulations, Guidance and Licensing”, “Securities, Futures and Fund Management”, “Forms”, “Declaration of Interests”).

  • 1. Name of Listed Issuer:

    HR Petrogas Limited

  • 2. Type of issuer listed:

    Business company

    Registered/recognized commercial trust

    Trust in real estate investment

  • 3. Is there more than one shareholder/substantial unitholder giving notice in this form?


    (Please skip to Part II)Yes (Please continue to complete Parts III and IV)

  • 4. Date of notification to the registered issuer:17-Apr-2022

FORM 3/[ Version 2.0 ]/Effective date [ 21 March 2014 ]

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Part II – Details of Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder and Transaction(s)

[To be used for single Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder to give notice]

  • 1. Name of Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder:

    Tiong Chiong Ong

  • 2. Is the significant shareholder/unitholder a fund manager or a person whose interests in the listed issuer’s securities are held solely through fund managers?





  • 1. Notice regarding:

    Become a Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder

    Change in ownership percentage while remaining a substantial shareholder/unitholderCeasing to be a Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder

  • 2. Date of acquisition or change of interest:August 13, 2012

  • 3. Date on which the Significant Shareholder/Unitholder became aware of the acquisition or modification of the participation(if different from point 2 above, please specify the date):

    August 13, 2012

  • 4. Explanation (if the date of knowledge is different from the date of acquisition or modification of the interest):

    Disclosure made to comply with SFA Section 135 notification requirement (i.e. to become a significant shareholder) following a review of Tiong Chiong Ong’s stake in RH Capital Limited (which he had held since 15 November 2010 and continues to hold to this day) and RH Capital Limited’s Interest in RH Petrogas Limited.

  • 5. Type of securities involved in the transaction (several options can be chosen):

    Shares/units with voting rights

    Rights/options/warrants on shares/voting units

    Debentures convertible into voting shares/units (known conversion price)

    Others (please specify):

  • 6. Number of Shares, Units, Rights, Options, Warrants and/or Principal Amount of Convertible Debentures Acquired or Sold by Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder:

    Not applicable

  • 7. Amount of consideration paid or received by Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder (excluding brokerage and stamp duties):

    Not applicable

  • 8. Circumstance giving rise to interest or change of interest: Acquisition of:

    Securities via market transaction

    Securities via off-market transaction (e.g. marriage agreements)

    Securities by physical settlement of derivatives or other securities

    Rights issue securities

    Securities via placement

    Securities after conversion/exercise of rights, options, warrants or other convertibles

    Elimination of:

    Securities via market transaction

    Securities via off-market transaction (e.g. marriage agreements)

    Other circumstances:

    Acceptance of the Listed Issuer’s tender offer

    Corporate Action by the Listed Issuer that the Significant Shareholder/Unitholder has nottake part in (please specify):

    Others (please specify):

    After completion of debt capitalization (i.e. debt conversion of $50,000,000 (equivalent to $62,950,000, based on the exchange rate of $1.00:1.259 USD) owed by RH Petrogas Limited (“RHPL”) to RH Capital Limited in new RHPL shares), 127,947,154 new RHPL ordinary shares were allotted and issued (at an issue price of S$0.492 for each share) to RH Capital Limited on August 13, 2012.

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