Doval: India, an important player in Afghanistan, will stand with the people: NSA Doval | India News

NEW DELHI: India was and remains an important player in Afghanistan and its special relationship with the Afghan people over the centuries will guide New Delhi’s approach, NSA Ajit Doval said Friday at the 4th Regional Security Dialogue in Afghanistan to Dushanbe.

Nothing can change that, Doval added pointing to the fact that India has already supplied 17,000 tons of the 50,000 tons of wheat promised to Afghanistan through the land route with Pakistan, along with 5 lakh doses of Covaxin, 13 tons of essential vital medicines and winter. clothing and 60 million doses of polio vaccine.

As his Russian counterpart Nikolai Patrushev warned of an influx of refugees from Afghanistan to Central Asian countries and the threat of terrorism, Doval called on all other participating countries – Tajikistan, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Kyrgyzstan – to work together to strengthen Afghanistan’s ability to “combat terrorism and terrorist groups that pose a threat to regional peace and security”.

“The top priority should be the right to life and a dignified life as well as the protection of human rights for all,” Doval said at the meeting.
Doval held bilateral talks with Patrushev as well as his Iranian and Tajik counterparts. China was represented by Foreign Ministry External Security Commissioner Cheng Guoping.
As the Taliban face international outrage over restrictions on women and girls, Doval said women and youth are critical to the future of any society and that girls’ education and employment women and youth will “ensure productivity and drive growth”. .
“It will also have a positive social impact, in particular by discouraging radical ideologies among young people,” said Doval, adding that aid should be accessible to all and that respect for all obligations under international humanitarian law should be ensured. assured.

Doval highlighted India’s position that Afghanistan needs an inclusive government by emphasizing the need for representation from all sections of Afghan society, including women and minorities, “so that collective energies of the greatest possible proportion of the Afghan population feel motivated to contribute to the building nation”.
He said that India has historical and civilizational relations with Afghanistan and has always supported the Afghan people. “This will continue to guide India’s approach,” he said, adding that India has focused on infrastructure, connectivity and humanitarian aid over the decades.
Through the collective efforts of Regional Dialogue members, Doval said, India and others can help the “proud” people of Afghanistan rebuild a prosperous and vibrant nation.

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