Empower stakeholders across oncology


Joseph Alvarnas, MD, Co-Chair of Patient-Centered Oncology Care® (PCOC), discussed the unique nature of PCOCs and what they offer to providers, payers, political leaders and the technology experts who participate in them. Alvarnas is Vice-President, Government Affairs; Senior Medical Director, Employer Strategy and Clinical Professor, Department of Hematology and Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, City of Hope.

Who are the stakeholders involved in PCOC?

ALVARNAS: The beauty of this meeting is that it really helps to empower stakeholders across oncology. We’re not just talking about clinicians, we’re not just talking about leaders in healthcare systems, but also other core members: those in pharma, those who lead by helping develop pathways, those who lead the payor by exercising. truly new levels of creativity in payment systems.

Part of the beauty of this meeting is that you have stakeholders who often have their own meetings and often have separate conversations, and what you find not only in the panels, but also in the breaks between times when people have the chance to visit and talk and chat – whether through virtual means or in person – is this great cross-pollination of ideas. There’s a general level of excitement building up in this room as all of these various stakeholders, who quite rarely engage in these kinds of conversations, move further and further into the future. The beauty of oncology is what makes it so exciting, the diversity of stakeholders and the depth of conversations they have around improving our system.


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