Fastbase Inc. has issued the following shareholder update

Fastbase Inc, one of the world’s leading web analytics and data providers, has issued the following shareholder update:

HEMED Holdings

The company controls, through preferred stock ownership, Trustfeed Corp. (OTC: HEMED) and diligently develops the company’s software capabilities. It is in talks to hire additional software developers to expand All software being built is proprietary and not licensed by any other company, allowing us to retain all revenue from the software built.

New Features in WebLeads 8.0

Our proprietary software, WebLeads 8.0, is under development and over the last year has added functionality. The app now integrates with Google. This year, Google allowed Fastbase to extract additional data from website visitors. This includes faster data delivery and tracking website visitor data for the past 5 years. Other updated features on the Fastbase WebLeads 8.0 app include integration with Firebase, Google Ads, Intercom, Salesforce (CRM), Slack, Zoho, and Trello.

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IR and marketing update

Last month, the company retained Cervitude IR to help with investor relations, marketing and advertising. The company has begun to educate investors about market makers and private family offices focused on over-the-counter investments. Additionally, Cervitude IR runs a social media marketing campaign that includes content creation, social media engagement, PPC ads, and social media influencer interviews for Fastbase, Inc. (OTC: FBSE )

WebLeads 8.0 Pull and Grow

Our number of subscribers continued to grow with WebLeads 8.0. Registered web domains have now surpassed 130,000 unique URLs, representing over 1,300,000 website visitors. The software is currently used in more than 110 countries. Enterprise customers using the software application include United Parcel Service (UPS), Nestlé, Hellman’s, Panasonic, Kickstarter, Ford, and Coca Cola.

Business & Shareholders Meetings

The CEO of the company, Refer to Rasmuswill begin meetings with investors from the end of November 2022 and will continue through 2023. Investor venues for Fastbase, Inc will include Denmark, Swiss, Australia, Germany, Sweden, United States, dubaiand China. The purpose of these meetings is to pursue an open dialogue with Fastbase shareholders and to increase transparency.

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