How annual reports work in BitLife

BitLife released a new update this week which involves new business features including annual reports. The update gives you the ability to buy and sell your own businesses. You can even manage all the usual aspects of business ownership and run your own business. However, there are also new things that come with it. You’ll be responsible for pricing your items, controlling sales, and even analyzing your company’s annual reports. Keep reading below to learn how annual reports work in BitLife.

How annual reports work in BitLife Business Update

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What are annual reports?

Annual reports are reports you get for your business in BitLife once a year. These reports contain a lot of information about the success of your business. These reports tell you how much you earned throughout the year, as well as the success of each of your products that were sold. It takes your revenue, net income, and profit margin and compares them to the previous year to show how much improvement you have or haven’t made. This information can help you get the most out of your business and improve it where possible.


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Revenue in BitLife Annual Report

Income is the money you earn from your typical commercial work. What the number shows in your annual report is your average selling price multiplied by the number of items sold. This can tell you if the items you are selling are of value to your customers or not and how well they are selling. This is very important, but your net income is a more important figure in determining the value of your product.

Net Income in BitLife Annual Report

Your net income is your total profit for the year after calculating all of your expenses and costs. This will tell you how much money you actually make after taking all your costs into account. In other words, it tells you your total profit! You’ll want to make sure your net income stays high.

Profit margin in BitLife annual report

To find your net income, you actually need to determine your profit margin. Your profit margin is the total cost you incurred to run your business, plus your total revenue for the previous year. However, increasing your profit margin will also increase your net income, which is what we want to run a successful business.

Along with getting all those numbers in your annual report, you’ll also get a product review for every product you sold during the year. This will tell you how well each specific product sold. In turn, this lets you know which products to keep selling, which to stop, and even whether to raise or lower your prices.

In conclusion, your annual report for your BitLife business is incredibly important and you get a lot of important information. With this information, you should be able to run a successful business! Good luck, CEO!

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