Libracodes – Crypto Agnostic NFT Platform Optimizing Stakeholder Value


There has been a lot of hype over the past few months with NFTs of various digital artworks collecting large sums of money.

Is there some substance or merit behind NFTs, or is it just a fad?

Let’s face it, our species is by nature very greedy and opportunistic. It is therefore crucial that everything is properly examined.

While there are tangible benefits for artists, collectors and users in general, there has been a disproportionate influx of retail investment from many who do not even understand the application of the TVN.

What are NFTs and what can they do?

Digital assets can be divided into two main categories: fungible and non-fungible.
The first most common form of fungible assets are national currencies where my $ 1 can be substituted for your $ 1. They are of equal value, characteristic and divisible.

Whereas a non-fungible token is a digital asset with a unique identity that can be used to represent another digital asset, virtual property, art, tickets, etc. Another way to view it is a Certificate of Authenticity showing the owner and previous owners, if applicable.

The utility and trust that NFTs offer through blockchain technology has revolutionized the number of artists who sell their work and support each other. Therefore, while there may be some pullback when it comes to the mid-term NFT trend, utility and value are real.

NFTs are here to stay for a long time to come.

What are the issues in the NFT space and how does fix these issues?

While there are many NFT platforms at the time of writing, most of them come with high fees, which can not only be overly complicated at times, but also lack the flexibility of the cryptos with which to trade. transactions.

LibraCodes prides itself on being a platform that prioritizes stakeholder value by allowing artists to symbolize their visual art, music or any other multimedia for FREE!

With the readily available HRC-721 and HRC-1155 NFT token standards, artists will be able to create their NFTs at a maximum of 100MB per file.

In addition, users of the platform do not have to pay anything with the native currency, Htmlcoin, even though it does all the work in the backend of the Althash blockchain. But instead, users will have a list of over 25 cryptos to choose from, which also grows based on demand.

Unique selling points of

-Zero strike, GAS and deployment costs.
-Only 2% fixed fee on NFT sales.
-A growing list of cryptos to trade with

The launch date for has been set for July 4the, Independence Day in the United States. This day was chosen to reflect the independence that the founding team wishes to instill in artists around the world, providing a platform that brings utility and value to its stakeholders.

The workhorse of blockchain behind the scenes as well as the teams behind are Htmlcoin and Althash.

Htmlcoin is the gas that powers all transactions on the Althash blockchain, and the team has a relentless desire to push the utility of blockchain into the world where it can make a difference.

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