Mandaviya urges states to rally stakeholders for comprehensive COVID vaccination

“We are in the last round of vaccination against COVID19. Let’s launch an aggressive campaign to ensure full vaccination against COVID-19 by increasing the rate of vaccination and expanding coverage ”. This was stated by Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare today as he interacted virtually with health secretaries and senior officials of the Ministry of Health. Health of Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Pondicherry during the meeting he chaired to review the status of COVID 19 vaccination in these states / UT and the progress made under the Har GharDastak campaign. These states / TUs reported low immunization coverage.

While coverage of the first dose in India is 82% and that of the second dose 43%, Puducherry (66%, 39%), Nagaland (49%, 36%), Meghalaya (57%, 38%) and Manipur (54%, 36%) lag behind the national average in their first and second dose coverage.

Reiterating that vaccination is the most powerful weapon in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic, the Union Minister of Health urged States / UT to mobilize in an innovative way all stakeholders, including NGOs, faith-based organizations, religious leaders, community influencers and other partners to motivate and mobilize all eligible population towards full COVID vaccination. “Let us collectively ensure that no eligible citizen is left without the COVID19 ‘Suraksha Kawachh’ vaccine in the country, and to resolve the issues of hesitation, misinformation, superstition, etc.”

Dr Mansukh Mandaviya urged states to deploy all state government officials, one day a week, to visit each eligible household to motivate and mobilize them for a full vaccination. deploy in advance “PracharToli” in villages which would ensure the mobilization and advice of the eligible population as well as awareness campaigns, followed by the “Toli Vaccination” which would ensure that all eligible citizens are vaccinated with the first and second dose. “I observed during my recent visit to Arunachal Pradesh the use of ‘House fully vaccinated’ stickers.

Similar innovative strategies can also be used in other states, ”he said. States may also designate children and students as COVID19 vaccination ambassadors to urge and motivate older people and eligible members of their families and communities to take both doses of the COVID19 vaccine, he added. . .

Dr Mandaviya urged states to prepare detailed micro-plans by district, deploy a sufficient number of teams and regularly review the daily progress of the worst performing districts. States were urged to create innovative short videos to address target groups in case of hesitation, as well as to make effective use of various social media platforms and traditional media.

The Union Minister of Health has engaged with the States / UT to find out the specific reasons which are holding back the vast intensification of the vaccination campaign as part of the ongoing “Har GharDastak” campaign. He was informed of the ongoing efforts of the state administration / UT to resolve the hesitation issues.

While India’s first dose coverage is 82% (to date), with the exception of Puducherry UT, coverage for other states remains below 60%. Meghalaya with a target population of over 20 lakh has 8 lakh of people waiting to receive the 1st dose and the beneficiaries due for the 2nd dose are over 2.5 lakh. Likewise, Manipur still has more than 10 lakhs of people who have not yet received their 1st dose and more than 3.7 lakhs of beneficiaries due for their 2nd dose out of a target population of 23.4 lakhs. Nagaland, with a target population of 14.7 lakhs, has over 7.5 lakhs for the first doses to be reached and 1.2 lakhs for beneficiaries due for the second doses. Pondicherry, with a target population of 11.3 lakhs, has 3.88 lakhs of people who have not yet received the 1st dose and 1.91 lakh eligible but who have not yet received the 2nd dose.

Shri Rajesh Bhushan, Trade Union Secretary for Health, Dr Manohar Agnani, Addl. Secretary (Health), Dr Sunil Kumar, Director General of Health Services, Ms Indrani Kaushal, Jt. Secretary (Health), Shri Ashok Babu, Jt. The Secretary (Health) and other senior ministry officials attended the meeting.

(With inputs from GDP)

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