Niger Delta stakeholders call for transition from PAP to NDSP

From TONY JOHN, Port Harcourt

Stakeholders under the auspices of the Niger Delta Peace Initiative (NDPI) called for the transition from the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) to the Niger Delta Stabilization Program (NDSP).

They also wanted the appointment of the current interim administrator of the PAP, Colonel Milland Dixon Dikio (retired) to be retained as head of the NDSP.

The NDPI, in a statement by its general secretary, Moses Kolomo, and publicity secretary, Jacob Aduna, described Dikio as an asset in stabilizing the region to avoid possible further unrest in the future.

They said transferring the program to the NDSP would remove the label of militancy in the Niger Delta associated with the PAP and lead to an influx of investors into the region.

Stakeholders said the new program, if established by the government, would retain the services of Dikio, whose ability to manage the PAP would ensure the realization of the PNDS and the total transformation of the youth of the Niger Delta.

They explained that the NDSP should be designed to focus on young people between the ages of 12 and 18 to stop the growing influx of young people in the age brackets into the cult.

Stakeholders said that if the upward trend is not curbed, a new generation of young people will be tricked into starting a new arms struggle against the federal government.

The statement read: “We do not want to lose Dikio because this is the first time someone has shown selflessness, ability and genuine motive in running the affairs of a Niger Delta program. .

“As the amnesty program is not sustainable, we call for the transition from PAP to the Niger Delta Stabilization Program (NDSP) with the appointment of Dikio to manage it.

“We know that Dikio has a perfect command of NDSP. We have heard it mentioned in different forums and we believe it is the best for the Niger Delta region. He is therefore the best person to take care of such an intervention. We understand that the NDSP will focus on young people between the ages of 12 and 18.

“This age bracket will determine the future of the Niger Delta. But with the rate at which people in this age bracket are joining the cult, we fear that unless deliberate intervention like the NDSP is deployed by the federal government, the region could experience another wave of violent unrest in the future. close.

Stakeholders explained to Buhari that Dikio had been the wife of the people of the Niger Delta in running the PAP and needed to be given more time to stabilize the area.

They further called on all key stakeholders to give Dikio maximum support, saying the PAP boss has a better vision and plans for the people of the Niger Delta.

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