Norwich City: Canaries confirm investment talks

12:56 24 July 2022

4:36 PM July 24, 2022

Norwich City have confirmed they are in talks with potential investors over the transfer of club shares, telling fans to await news in due course.

Speaking at a question and answer session in Edinburgh, where City greeted fans ahead of their friendly against Hibernian, they told supporters to expect news in the coming weeks.

Questions were answered by a panel including Chief Financial Officer Anthony Richens, Chief Commercial Officer Sam Jeffery, Chief Legal and Governance Officer Sam Hall and Deputy Sporting Director Neil Adams, with majority shareholders Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones at the first rank.

It is understood that second shareholder Michael Foulger approached the club around six months ago to discuss separating his stake, allowing the possibility of an investment.

As reported exclusively by the Pink Un in May, a potential group witnessed the Canaries’ 5-0 loss to Tottenham Hotspur on the final day of last season amid talks of acquiring Foulger’s shares.

The group was led by businessman Mark Attanasio, owner of Major League Baseball franchise Milwaukee Brewers and estimated to be worth $700 million. Also in attendance were associates David Stearns, president of baseball operations for the Brewers, Dan Fumai, their chief financial officer, and Rick Schlesinger, who is president of business operations.

Attanasio’s sons Dan and Mike were alongside his close friend and investment partner Richard Ressler in the delegation, who sat next to Richens for the Spurs game.

Speaking about the investment in 2009, Foulger said: “I’ve been proud to support Michael and Delia wherever possible, and my task is to find investors of any amount to come and support the board and the club.”

Who is Mark Attanasio?

The 64-year-old was born in the Bronx and has owned the Milwaukee Brewers since buying the club for $223 million in 2004.

As well as owning the Brewers, Attanasio is also the co-founder of the Crescent Capital group, which he started alongside American businessmen Robert Beyer and Jean-Marc Chapus. The latest estimate of the value of their assets is said to be around $25 billion.

Attanasio is said to be worth around $700 million and, along with other staff on his baseball team, he is a part owner of the Milwaukee Admirals, an ice hockey team in Wisconsin.

He is considered one of baseball’s most committed owners, serving on five committees in all, including the Labor Policy Committee.

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