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New York, Oct 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Quartile, the artificial intelligence and machine learning-based advertising optimization platform for leading sellers in the e-commerce market, launches its new tool for optimization of margins. This new offering accurately predicts profit margin to maximize ad spend to drive a truly scalable and profitable business.

The current industry standard of ACoS, ROAS, and campaign budget optimization metrics as primary metrics of business success are just proxies. Margin optimization goes beyond that, allowing e-commerce sellers to predict their costs to market and act on those forecasts in real time, achieving the desired profit margin taking into account all of the factors. costs involved in each sale. The feature provides more control and understanding of the scale size needed to operate at a particular margin, reducing the need to spend large amounts of their ad budget based on a leading indicator alone.

“Ecommerce advertising optimization is typically performed in a vacuum of marketing spend and related sales. However, the reality is that every sale goes way beyond marketing and sales. Many expenses are fixed regardless of the investment; some are variable with the scale. When you can forecast all expenses for each potential sale in real time. You get a more realistic view of achieving the real goal, which is a healthy profit margin. Quartile predicts profit margin to maximize ad spend. said Nick Talbert, Marketing Manager at Quartile.

Specificities of margin optimization

Autonomous Forecasting – Quartile will persistently estimate future costs per unit and the likelihood that an ad placement (Amazon search engine results pages) will result in a sale. These and other factors are quantified and the results guide the optimal CPC bidding models. ASIN-Defined Margin Targets – Increased ad spend for new product launches, generating negative margin to drive sales and climb bestseller lists, without disrupting other ASINs’ margin targets. I need to spend on Amazon to achieve the desired profit margin? “


Quartile is an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based advertising optimization platform for leading e-commerce market vendors, such as Amazon, Walmart.com, and Instacart. Quartile’s advertising technology uses proprietary technology and six patented algorithms to make accurate data-driven decisions to improve performance and growth. Bring together retail and digital media campaigns through a single platform, optimize product sales, reduce advertising cost of sale (ACoS) and improve margin. The Quartile platform is an easy-to-use dashboard that gives sellers the ability to manage their retail media in each market, allowing them to optimize product-level campaigns to maximize sales.


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