Stakeholders call for a total ban on Okada

Stakeholders of a Lagos State forum on the operation of commercial motorbike operators known as Okada have called for a statewide ban on their operations.

In June this year, the Lagos State government banned the commercial operation of motorbikes in six state council areas.

Forum speakers suggest the ban be extended to other parts of the state for the protection of lives and property.

A transport expert, Mr Sanya Oni, said the threat from Okada drivers was more than the merits and the state could not go ahead with motorbikes as a means of transport.

An activist, Mr. Nelson Ekujimi, has called on the youth to embrace skill building and avoid get-rich-quick syndrome in Okada constituency.

A youth leader, Mr. Lekan Sulaiman, said a statewide ban on Okada was good but would only be effective if the government had the political will to do so over a period of time. election year.

He accused politicians and law enforcement officers of contributing to the Okada threat in Lagos because they were investors in the Okada business.

Reporting by Barnabas Hunjo; Editing by Hadiza Abdulrahman

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