Stakeholders call for urgent strategies to curb ritual killings

Some stakeholders in Ekiti lamented the high rate of ritual killings and called on the government to put in place urgent strategies to end the scourge in the country.

When asked by Ado Ekiti on Saturday, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Ekiti State for Student Affairs, Mr. Lekan Shoyanbo, Gender Advocate, Ms. Rita Ilevebare, and Public Affairs Analyst, Mr. Lanre Ogunsoye, each expressed concern over the rising crime rate, especially the money ritual among young people.

Shoyanbo said ritual killings have become a phenomenon among our young people, widespread practices and as such the government must strongly oppose it because if it is not done it means our children are not not safe.

Ogunsoye also said that the moral decay of our young people and poor economic times have all contributed to a society where all that matters is money, money and more money.

He noted that it is disheartening to see teenagers in the state killing other human beings in the name of money, adding that the society is gradually sliding towards a state of anarchy.

The State Commander of the Rapid Response Brigade, Ekiti State Police Command, Mr. Marcus Ogundola said his team will continue to work harder to stop criminal activities in the State.

Ogundola explained that although the unit was operational, it would not back down until all criminals were expelled from the state.

He said that in 2022, as soon as he is, many criminals have been arrested and paraded by the command with the promise to do more.

He also called on members of the public to always provide police with information that could lead to the arrest of criminals in the state. (NOPE)

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