Stakeholders demand swift justice for Hanifa’s death

Nigerians continued to express their shock at the death of five-year-old Hanifa Abubakar, who was abducted and killed by her teacher, Abdulmalik Mohammed Tanko, in Kano.

In interviews with LEADERSHIP, they called on the government to act and deliver justice quickly in the face of the growing number of schoolchildren murders.

Already, the Kano state government has revoked the operating certificates of all private schools in the state, asking them to come for the revalidation of their certificates.

But National Association of Private School Owners (NAPPS) President, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Ms Olushola Bankole, said the decision to withdraw their licenses may not have been the best option. given the current state of education.

She said; “This decision is rather misplaced, especially at this time. Many of our people simply like the feel rather than an effective approach to problems. Head hacking is never a solution to deal with a headache.

“There are mechanisms to identify schools that are in error and to ensure that those in charge of regulating schools do their job and are not corrupt and dishonest in their dealings.

“Revoking the licenses of all schools is tantamount to saying that all schools are bad or questionable. The agency or ministry of education that issued the licenses may need to have a spotlight on them.

Also reacting, Baobab’s Executive Director for Women’s Human Rights, Bunmi Dipo-Salami, said the killing of Hanifa Abubakar by the very man to whom she had been entrusted continued to send shivers down her spine.

She instructed the state government and everyone involved to ensure swift justice, while lamenting the growing insecurity in schools and in the country as a whole.

Salami said: “It’s a whole new level of insensitivity. School-based violence, which is on the rise in different parts of the country, is a reflection of increased insecurity in Nigeria. It shows that no one is safe anywhere, not even in a school environment.

“We expect the state to do much more in ensuring that Hanifa and her grieving family get justice.”

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