Stakeholders seek more investment in nuclear energy

Stakeholders called on the Federal Government and relevant institutions and individuals to invest more in nuclear energy to facilitate Nigeria’s development.

Furthermore, the Director of Manpower Training Capacity Development, Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Ebisomu Agedah, emphasized the need for federal, state and local governments to implement policies that will ensure environmental sanitation, public health, food storage, and oil and gas. , radiation, electricity through nuclear energy for the benefit of the country.

Briefing journalists after a two-day workshop organized by Nigeria Young Generation Nuclear in Abuja, on the theme: “Step Up Nuclear, It’s Nuclear Walk”, he said that the commission had contributed immensely at the time of building the training capacities of workforce among the various stakeholders. in the sectors.

Agedah said the training has produced dynamic young engineers, indigenous scientists, captains of industries, experts, deep understanding of nuclear energy technologist for effective management of sustainable national program planning and implementations. of nuclear energy to ensure the application of nuclear energy technologist across the world. , he said.”

Earlier, the Chairman of Nigeria Young Generation Nuclear (NYGN), Mr. Mbazor Jeremiah while marking his remarks on the Federal Government to invest through nuclear power to solve the electricity supply problems in the country , by implementing policies allowing private institutions to seize for betterment of the country.

According to him, nuclear energy has improved our lives in many ways from improving people’s well-being and prosperity to reducing poverty among our teeming youth, eradicating poverty, addressing the challenges of climate change, diagnosing of patients and the treatment of cancerous diseases for the development of nations.

“He also said that nuclear energy is not only about providing electricity, but also about providing a viable solution to our institutions, to the agricultural revolution, to food security, to radiation and to improving development. economy in the African Saharan region,” he said.

Mbazor emphasized that the objective of nuclear energy transmission is to explore, harness energy for peaceful purposes in all its ramifications for the socio-economic development of Nigeria, especially in the areas of sufficient electricity production, subsistence farming, water resources security management, environmental and climate change. challenges, he says.

With the transmission of nuclear power, Nigeria and African countries will be able to compete with other developing countries such as China, United States of America, Japan, Germany, India, etc. , for a sufficient maximum guarantee of technology, safety and engineering sciences to achieve national objectives. .

“In order to deal with the collapse of the national grid, he called on the federal government, the state, the local government and the National Assembly, as a nation, to come up with the roadmap framework, in order to to draw attention to the transmission of nuclear energy for maximum power supply across the country,” he said.

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