The government is studying the adoption of a common charger for all devices; calls on stakeholders to meet

The government is studying the adoption of a common charger for a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and has called a meeting on August 17 to discuss the matter with the industry, a senior official said on Tuesday. of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

The meeting with mobile phone manufacturers and industry organizations was scheduled to assess the possibility of ending the use of multiple chargers in India and reducing the burden on consumers besides preventing e-waste, the official said. .

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Recently, the European Union announced the adoption of a common USB-C port charging standard for small electronic devices by 2024. A similar demand also exists in the United States. “If companies can serve in Europe and the United States, why can’t they serve in India? Portable electronic devices like smartphones and tablets should have a common charger,” the official told PTI.

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If India does not push for this change, these products could be dumped here, the official added. Currently, consumers are forced to buy a separate charger every time they buy a new device due to the incompatibility of the ports of the existing charger.

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