The Population Health Leaders Network invites health sector stakeholders to work together to address the social determinants of health

Due to the heightened urgency of efforts to address the social determinants of health (SDOH), the Population Health Leaders Network (PHLN) has announced that it is actively seeking partners across all health sectors who wish to collaborate in this area of ​​need. The PHLN, powered by The Kinetix Group, connects healthcare leaders to promote and accelerate the adoption of innovative population health models.

SDOH are a range of social, environmental and economic factors that can affect health status. Factors include nutritious food, affordable and accessible housing, quality education and meaningful employment opportunities. They often have a much greater impact on health outcomes, disparities, utilization and costs of health care than the actual delivery of health services. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated health disparities, resulting in increased attention to these factors as determinants. This was largely driven by the renewed emphasis the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has placed on addressing SDOH across its programs to ensure health equity is integrated. to the delivery of care.

The PHLN has also recognized the need to address SDOH in its respective health systems and communities. Network members are responding by prioritizing this thematic area to raise awareness and accelerate the development and adoption of effective solutions. To advance this goal, the PHLN will collaborate to:

  • Identify and share best practices
  • Evaluate innovative approaches and interventions
  • Engage in pilot opportunities to improve health equity across the country

To learn more about the PHLN and ways to engage or collaborate around the SDOH resolution, please visit the PHLN website: or contact Mindy Olivarez at [email protected] com.

Reference: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS releases a new roadmap for states to address the social determinants of health to improve outcomes, reduce costs and support states’ value-based care strategies. Published January 7, 2021. Accessed February 22, 2022. at lower cost#_ftn1.

About the Population Health Leaders Network

The PHLN connects healthcare leaders to accelerate the adoption of innovative models of population health nationwide through the sharing of best practices, the identification of new approaches to care delivery and the real-world evidence development led by experts from some of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare organizations. The network represents national health systems committed to driving change, collaborating around best practices, and guiding cutting-edge pilot opportunities.

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