TRIPLE PLAY 2021: The Real Estate Convention is back


NRIA Calls Triple Play “Success”, Says Participants Enjoying Face-to-Face Relationships

SECAUCUS, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2021 / National Realty Investment Advisors (NRIA), a real estate investment company and luxury real estate developer, says this year’s Realtors Triple Play Show and Convention has been a “success” for the NRIA team.

“It was kind of like the kids could finally come out and play after being stuck inside for a long time,” said Ivel Turner, senior vice president of investor relations for Secaucus-based NRIA, in the New Jersey.

Held December 6-9 in Atlantic City, the 2021 Triple Play was kind of a comeback for this event that, in a typical year, attracts thousands of real estate professionals from across the United States.

COVID ended Triple Play last year and ended most trade deals in the United States and around the world.

And while health concerns regarding the coronavirus and its variants persist, the overwhelming sentiment of participants in this year’s Triple Play, according to NRIA’s Turner, was, “It’s great to be back.”

“You just can’t replace this type of face-to-face communication,” said Stephanie Cortese, senior remittance exchange coordinator for NRIA. “There was a good energy there that everyone could feel. It was a face-to-face human interaction.

Triple Play was an opportunity, she said, for real estate agents to talk to real people who are not behind a phone or computer screen and explore the latest developments in real estate.

For NRIA’s Cortese and Turner, the Triple Play was their time to build valuable in-person relationships, they said. While describing the event, Turner spoke in awe of the buzz around Cortese as she met the realtors approaching the NRIA table.

“Stephanie was a dynamo,” he said. “She was tireless. It was amazing to watch. You could see people’s eyes shining as they had this “light bulb moment” as she described the NRIA opportunity to them. “

That opportunity, Ivel explained, is the NRIA Payout Exchange, which allows real estate investors to defer capital gains tax on their investments.

By reinvesting their profits in NRIA, Turner said they deferred taxes on capital gains and made additional profits on their new investment.

“You are not denying the government money,” he said, “you are delaying it. The customer can also choose to withdraw some of the money he earns.

Throughout the three-day Triple Play convention, realtors from top to bottom on the East Coast showed interest in NRIA’s strategy and were eager to hear more, Turner said.

Cortese explained that NRIA pools the funds of many investors to build or buy and renovate properties. The NRIA then sells these properties at a profit for their investors. This makes it an ideal real estate investment opportunity for those who don’t want direct ownership responsibilities, Turner said.

“They get immediate annualized monthly income without the hassle and responsibilities that come with being a property manager or buying and building properties,” he explained. “NRIA does it for them. “

And how can all of this benefit real estate agents who refer their clients to NRIA?

Turner explained that realtors are rewarded with an administration fee for each client who signs up with NRIA. A win-win for the real estate agent, the client and the NRIA.

“The convention is a great breeding ground for doing business,” Turner said. “Each agent will sell something that will add value. This is where they can say, “Hey, let me show you how you can make money with the money you would pay in taxes. “

All in all, the Triple Play was a perfect space to market new real estate opportunities, according to Turner and Cortese.

“Coming out of the COVID lockdowns, Triple Play has had a good outcome for everyone involved this year,” Cortese said. “The energy was fantastic. It was nonstop.

“We were all delighted to be connected in person again,” she added. “I’m already excited for next year.”

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