U.S. launches forum to build engagement with Afghan stakeholders on U.S. policies

To strengthen the U.S. government’s engagement with a broad range of Afghan stakeholders, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Girls, and Human Rights Rina Amiri launched a consultative platform for Afghan women and civil society. According to the US State Department, the platform was launched on Thursday, July 28, when Afghan girls, women, journalists and members of vulnerable ethnic and religious groups have been deprived of their rights and freedoms since the takeover. power by the Taliban in August 2021.

He further said that several Afghan stakeholder forums are working together to form the US-Afghan Consultative Mechanism (USACM) to facilitate more productive interactions with US government officials. “The future of Afghanistan must be determined by all Afghans, and it is essential that the international community support and amplify the diverse Afghan voices to play this role. Today’s (July 28) launch of the USACM is bolstering this effort,” the US State Department said. in a report. USACM brings together a cross-section of representatives from different Afghan women’s coalitions as well as civil society leaders, journalists, educators, lawyers, and religious actors from across Afghanistan.

USACM will facilitate regular dialogue with the U.S. government on key issues

“Today, @SecBlinken and I launched the US-Afghan Consultation Mechanism to bring together the voices of Afghans to guide and inform US policy. I look forward to seeing this mechanism leverage the diverse voices of Afghans inside and outside the country. [sic]“, wrote special envoy Amiri on Twitter. According to the State Department, USACM will facilitate regular dialogue with the US government on relevant issues, such as the participation of women and civil society in the political sphere. and human rights documentation and accountability.

The Taliban say the security crisis in Afghanistan is resolved

He further pointed out that the Atlantic Council, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security, the Sisterhood Is Global Institute, and the US Institute for Peace are some of the organizations that support USACM. Notably, the law and order situation in Afghanistan has also remained precarious since the Taliban took power. Meanwhile, the Taliban claimed the country’s security crisis had been resolved and urged Afghan minorities – Hindus and Sikhs to return home. This follows a recent meeting between Dr Mullah Abdul Wasi, Director General of the Office of the Taliban Minister of State, and members of the Hindu and Sikh Council of Afghanistan.

Image: AP

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