UKGC reminds industry stakeholders of consultation deadline

Last November, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) asked for feedback from industry stakeholders on a revised statement of principles. The UKGC issued a reminder on the next consultation deadline on Tuesday.

UKCG seeks advice on several issues

The Gambling Commission is seeking advice and opinions on several different issues relating to license operators and different criminal or legislative enforcement policies, among others. The UKGC’s policy statement has been tasked with directing the country’s gambling regulatory policy, with a particular focus on risk assessment, compliance activities and licensing. The Declaration’s license, compliance and enforcement policy was last reviewed and updated in 2017.

The UKGC is seeking comments on four topics. The Commission’s position on products that may require double regulation are at the top of the list. Following the massif Criticism the UKGC has received regarding the approval of a license for Football Index, the Commission is now proposing a political position on how these products should be treated.

Second, the Commission is also seeking clearer requirements for personnel deemed eligible for an operating gaming license.

The UKCG also asked for comments on the application of gambling regulations that would be part of the new policy approach. The pilot approach would last 12 months.

The Gambling Commission also wants to reflect several procedural changes regarding how gambling licenses are reviewed, as well as how regulations and legal suspensions would be addressed.

Who can give your opinion?

The UKGC looks forward to further proposals and opinions that would change the licensing, compliance and enforcement policy. All members of the public, as well as financial institutions, gambling operators, charities, trade associations and others, can access the Gaming Commission website and participate in the public consultation from here. February 9, 2022. By providing a valid name and email address. address, everyone can express themselves on the four pillars of the Policy.

In 2021, the Commission has also launched a public consultation change how gambling prevalence participation statistics are collected.

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