We need a stakeholder summit — CDA President



Chief Ralph Okey-Nwosu, chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), one of the parties fielding candidates in the November 6 ballot, highlights the appalling security situation in the state and offers a possible solution.

WHAT do you think of the current security situation in Anambra State as election day approaches?

No less than 30 innocent lives have been lost in Anambra State in what I must say has to do with the election of Anambra Governorate on November 6, 2021. It all started with the tragic incident involving two security officers attached to APGA Charles Soludo. Since then, many more have been murdered mercilessly. Until the massive assault of this and penultimate week, most people attributed the killings to IPOB and their lockdown promulgation on Monday. Some have pointed the finger at state agents and Fulani shepherds.

But thinking about what happened during the party primaries or the candidate selection processes for the two major political parties and the APGA, the picture seems to brighten up. The desperation of members of the ruling parties paints our democracy with human blood, not to speak of violation of judicial and judicial procedures. The APC, PDP and APGA have brought a new form of Boko Haram to the South East and the justice system. When Soludo’s security guards were killed, everyone thought it was a conspiracy outside of politics. But just five weeks before the election, the war in the APGA is still ongoing, with Soludo and Governor Willie Obiano seemingly unfazed, as APGA members flock to the APGA in droves. Within the PDP, there has been a series of court injunctions and a frenzy of free dollars causing chaos. Some of their heavy contenders for war treasures have settled on new platforms with their chalice concocted. The APC had installed their primary in hotels and not in neighborhoods as required by the direct primary process. During the week of the PDP, APPC and APGA primaries, armed men occupied most of the hotels and roamed the various neighborhoods and constituencies of Anambra State. Bullion vans stood in the banks of the capital Awka, handing out cash for the big purchase of the whole process.

The whole war took place within these parties before and during their primaries and made the outcome of their events toxic. Now the toxicity has spread across the wider area of ​​the contest and the sting is so corrosive and consumed about 20 lives in less than a week. There is no other way to explain what is going on in Anambra. They are APGA, PDP and APC desperado in a dangerous power war of a new kind.

I had listened to Professor Pat Utomi and Professor Attahiru Jega and a host of other very learned people talk about the electronic compilation of poll results and the National Assembly’s lukewarm attitude to electoral integrity. . Over 98 percent of the members of the National Assembly are members of the same parties. Electoral integrity means nothing to those who can murder to vote or to those who are not afraid of fraudulently emptying the nation’s treasury just because they are in public office.

What are the solutions and loopholes?

Properly reorganizing our democracy rests with all of us, especially those who are truly saddened by how deeply the nation has fallen under the illusion of democracy. To prevent further bloodshed in Anambra state, the inspector general of police, deputy inspectors general of all security intelligence agencies, political party leaders and candidates must hold a summit in the next days. There should also be an emergency judicial meeting to make some tough, patriotic decisions on the APC, PDP, APGA and whatever is coming up after their primaries. These are the people who transfer their corrosive culture of gun, hook, or crook victory to the larger environment. The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) holds the archives and can facilitate peace.

The implications go beyond Anambra’s November 6 election. The APC and PDP unfortunately turned the election campaign into an exercise in terror and primitive invasion and war. Blood means nothing to them. See what the importation of terrorists from outside Nigeria has caused the country. Our politicians are shameless. They want to maintain their monstrous hold on power by all means. But we cannot allow them. You can only die once.


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