What famous billionaires have to say about investing in Bitcoin


With the number of gains that bitcoin has made, it has become the news of the century. In 2017, cryptocurrency first gained popularity, but the following year it started to crumble, giving credence to the idea that cryptocurrency is not all it is. is meant to be and that people should be wary of before investing their hard earned money. in this form of currency.

However, bitcoin has always attracted a large following. Famous celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Snoop Dogg have reportedly been interested in cryptocurrency.

In 2020, bitcoin grew by 300%, and future trends estimate that by 2021 it will be very successful, as many millennials will join it. In fact, investors believe that bitcoin is one of those currencies that has not suffered any declines due to the ongoing pandemic.

Even though it is still largely volatile, the cryptocurrency has become popular among some famous billionaires. Below is what some billionaires have to say about bitcoin:

Elon Musk expressed mixed opinions

Recently Elon Musk tweeted something about the temptation to invest in bitcoin. Michael Saylor, a famous entrepreneur and cryptocurrency advocate, posted a comment advising Must to convert Tesla’s balance sheet to bitcoin instead of dollars. In response, Musk asked if such large transactions could even take place. You can invest in bitcoin through online platforms, to find out more you can contact Yuan payment team

However, Musk continued to have mixed opinions. His tweet about how “Bitcoin is almost as BS as fiat money” gained popularity, especially since he jokingly promoted the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

Winklevoss twins believe cryptocurrency is the future

Typer and Cameron Winklevoss, the two Harvard-educated twins, became bitcoin’s very first billionaires in 2017. They are widely known for challenging Zuckerberg on how Facebook was built. Unfortunately, they ended up losing around $ 600 million when bitcoin hit a crisis in 2018.

However, in November 2020, the twins became billionaires again as bitcoin earnings jumped to 10-digit numbers. The twins predict that soon the value of bitcoin will be multiplied by 30.

Mark Cuban Believes Cryptocurrency Fans Act Like Following A Religion

When it comes to bitcoin, Cuban isn’t known to have the best vibes. Indeed, in December 2019, he announced that the cryptocurrency had “no chance” of becoming a trusted currency. In a recent interview with Forbes, he maintained his point.

Musk thinks bitcoin isn’t the answer. In fact, it is a store of value like gold. He disagrees with BTC fans who treat cryptocurrency as a saving grace during tough times. In the past, Cuban was known to compare bitcoin to bananas.

Mike Novogratz thinks 2020 has been a blessing for the cryptocurrency era

It’s no secret that Novogratz has been a big supporter of bitcoin. He even advised Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams that she should consider investing in bitcoin.

According to a recent Real Vision interview, Novogratz said the year of the pandemic was a game-changer for the cryptocurrency revolution. He believes that even though 2020 has been a terrible year and many people lost their lives, it will be seen as the era in which cryptocurrency excelled.

Sam Zell is skeptical of Bitcoin

Sam Zell is a huge investor and real estate mogul who was recently asked about his take on cryptocurrency.

Even though Zell didn’t completely ignore cryptocurrency, he didn’t seem sure about his point. He even said that while cryptocurrency may be one of the answers to the world’s financial problems, now is not a good time to focus on it. He believes the cryptocurrency is currently populated by people he wouldn’t want to be associated with because he doesn’t trust their ideas enough.

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