Zomato Shareholder Opens Up About Failed Biryani Order Via Its Long Distance Feature | Tendency

Gurugram-based Prateek Kanwal was unhappy when only salan was delivered to him through food delivery service app Zomato. He had used his latest intercity delivery service, Intercity Legends, to have biryani delivered from a restaurant in Hyderabad. The man posted his experience on Twitter. He also revealed that he owned shares of Zomato. In this tweet, he also tagged CEO and founder of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal. And although this error has been corrected as soon as possible, the Hindustan Times contacted Prateek Kanwal to ask him about his experience delivering food from a company in which he owns shares. “When I ordered it said the food would reach you within 36 hours. But after the wait I only received part of my order as the other half was not picked up at airport,” he told Hindustan Times.

He tweeted a picture of the salan he received, minus the biryani. Alongside, he posted, “I ordered chicken biryani from Shadab Hotel using Zomato Interstate Legend service and all I got was a small box of salan.” After tagging Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal, he shared, “It seemed like a great idea but my dinner plans are on hold now. Now you owe me a Biryani in Gurgaon!

Take a look at the tweets he shared regarding his Zomato Intercity Legends delivery experience:

These two tweets were shared on September 3.

“For a publicly traded company with over a decade of delivery experience, Zomato cannot afford any shortcomings. such lapses reduce consumer confidence in the delivery app and harm the revenue generation of that business stream.The product should not have been launched unless it was foolproof, just like their regular delivery,” Kanwal said.

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